Membership FAQs

Membership FAQ's provides you with a quick look into common questions and other information that you may find helpful about memberships at Pixel Theme Studio.

  • What do the memberships include?
    When you sign up with Pixel Theme Studio, you get access to "all" WordPress themes and Joomla! templates that are available. You also get personalized direct email support for any theme/template issues you may encounter. If you signed up for a membership that gives access to the actual Photoshop source files, you will be able to download these as well.
  • Why do I need to register first before choosing a membership?
    The membership system requires a person to be registered first so when you choose your membership and make your payment, browser cookies from your payment process at PayPal is sent back with your return and this information activates your login account on the site with the appropriate membership. You only need to register once and you also have the user feature to delete your own account.
  • What payment options do I have when choosing a membership?
    At this time, the payment processor is PayPal, but you do not have to have or create an account with them, you can pay with your credit card (MasterCard, Visa, etc.). You can also use your PayPal account if you have available funds, otherwise an e-check is issued which takes up to 5 business days to process. During this time, you will not have access until your membership payment is confirmed and completed.
  • What about REFUNDS?
    Because you are purchasing a "digital non-tangible product or service", there are NO REFUNDS. You will find that almost (if not all) theme sites have this policy. My suggestion is to make sure you know what you are about to purchase and to ready and understand the terms of use because by proceeding, you are accepting this policy as it states on the payment page. Only with certain circumstances, a refund is granted at the descretion of Pixel Theme Studio.
  • What types of support do I get if I sign up for a membership?
    Aside from FAQ's, article tutorials, and theme setup instructions, you get access to personalized email support with fast response times...usually within hours. Although this will vary depending on the time you submit your question(s) and what days. Keep note that support is available Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm with additional times at my descretion.
  • What does "Support" cover with my membership?
    Basically support covers any problems you encounter with my themes or templates during installation, setup, or if you need to know where or how to change something within the theme. Basically anything that is related to the theme or template. What support "Does Not" cover is customization problems you encounter after you made changes or modifications performed by a third party source. Plugins, extensions, and other third party products are "Not" covered either. For these, please refer to their support system.IMPORTANT: If your membership has expired or you do not have an active membership, please understand that support "cannot be provided" and will be deleted without a reply. As much as I would like to provide free support to "everyone" on the planet 24/7, this is not possbile as it takes time to respond to support requests and even takes time to check that the person has an active membership and I would not be able to stay in business...hence why memberships exist for not just the themes but also for support.
  • Can I change (upgrade) my membership?
    In most cases, yes. You can log into your members area and near the bottom of the page exists a members menu. Click on the membership options and you can upgrade from there.
  • Is there a discount when I renew my membership?
    As of now, you can save up to 25% on any membership you renew. For your first initial membership, you pay full price but with any renewals getting up to 25% off the original membership price. So if a membership is $40, you will pay $30 ($40 - 25% = $30) each time you renew.
  • I signed up, paid, but I have no access to the themes or other member areas, why?
    This is usually the case when you are at the PayPal website and when you made your payment, a popup window or message in the page will give you a link to "Return to the site" but gives a warning about proceeding. Some people get nervous about the "Redirection" and won't click on it, but what happens is that the cookies needed to confirm your payment that activates your membership when you return to Pixel Theme Studio gets lost - therefore, the system thinks you did not pay. It's safe to click that link to return but it's just there as part of the PayPal system. If you have any concerns about this, you are welcome to contact customer support at PayPal. If you experience this, simple contact Pixel Theme Studio with your Transaction ID number and once it's confirmed, your account can manually be set to "active". If you still experience any problems, contact PTS with as much details that you can provide.
  • Why do the membership choices seem to change?
    This is generally the reason of making adjustments based on user feedback and trends. During the first year of Pixel Theme Studio, there were a few changes from time-to-time for the purpose of establishing what people were wanting. Anyone who has an existing membership is not affected until they decide to renew. For 2011, pricing will be adjusted for January 1st, but will more likely stay unchanged for the rest of the year.
  • Can I share my membership with anyone?
    Straight to the point....NO! Do NOT share your login or other account related information with anyone else. Login records are kept and download logs are also kept for reference and random checks (which I do). If your account is discovered that someone else is using it or it was passed on to others, your account will be deleted, banned, and no refunds will be issued. There is zero tolerance on this, so my best advice is to keep your account to yourself.
  • Can I have more than one account at the same time?
    No...if for some reason you need another login account in addition to the existing one, contact PTS and provide the details as to why you need the second account and I will review the reason for consideration. If you are found with an additional account, both accounts will be deleted.
  • Can I register an account for someone else?
    Yes, but make sure the email address is the person you are signing up for, including their personal registration details (not yours). However, I strongly recommend that you have that person register themselves and then for the membership, you can pay for them if this is what you plan to do.
  • What is the difference between "Single Download Purchases" and "Memberships"?
    Single download purchases lets a person come to the site, choose the theme they want, they buy it and then they can download it. There is no support, no theme updates, no access to other themes, and all purchases are considered "as-is" and best suited for individuals wanting just one theme. It's also best suited for anyone who is comfortable with HTML, CSS, and WordPress (or Joomla) to the point they can solve any issues they encounter. You do have the option of adding a "Support Only" membership if you decide later you need help. Memberships provide a lot more flexibility because during your active membership period, you the benefits of downloading "any" theme, get ongoing theme updates, access to both WordPress themes and Joomla templates, plus personalized support.
  • Can I delete my own account if I don't need the membership anymore?
    Yes, you can delete your own account by logging into the members home page area and clicking on "Delete my Account (Careful)" menu link. Be aware that once you do this, your account is gone and no way of getting it back, so if you make a mistake, you will have to register again and sign-up for a new membership.

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