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Free WordPress Themes vs Premium Wordpress Themes

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There are thousands of free wordpress themes available on the internet. With so many free themes available why would one opt for premium wordpress themes?

Quality of design

There are wordpress theme designer programs available that allow a user to mass produce themes. Themes created by these programs are often found on free wordpress theme directories. The graphics and design elements are limited to the options available in the software creating the themes. The themes do work but rarely contain a professional design expected by users browsing a company website.

Many premium wordpress themes are built pleasing to the eye to draw the attention of those that expect a quality design for the money they intend on spending. Custom graphics, stylesheets, and designs should be part of every professional wordpress theme. After all, who would pay for premium wordpress themes if they looked no better than free themes readily available at every corner?

Customization Options

Free wordpress themes often have no administrative options to easily customize the layout, colors, and widgets. This leaves the end user with a lot of custom coding to do. If the user doesn’t have a good knowledge of CSS and PHP chances are they will not be able to customize their website. The only other option is to hire a theme designer to make the changes to the theme. Having a designer customize a theme for a user will cost far more than a premium wordpress theme.

Premium wordpress themes should contain theme options available directly in the wordpress administrative panel. Professional wordpress themes may contain color options, site layout options, slideshow options, many widget options, and other options. These make life so much easier for a user that has little to know programming knowledge.

Tech Support

Almost all websites you find free wordpress themes on are not run by the same people who created the themes. Because of this, tech support for a theme you download is not available. Websites that sell premium wordpress themes are often run by the developers of the themes. They are able to provide the support you need when you have questions about setting up the theme or making custom changes.


Casino Based Professional WordPress Themes

Las Vegas is all about high end hotels with elaborate casinos and flashing lights. The idea is to draw as many people possible to their establishment by creating an enchanting and alluring atmosphere. It is important to have a similar design mindset when deciding on a casino based professional WordPress theme . Although a website can’t compete with the entertaining environment that is Las Vegas it can draw the attention of potential customers over competitors.

One reason for developing a high quality WordPress casino theme is to build the trust of potential customers. If one is searching for blackjack on-line they are much more likely to setup an account on a site that took the time to create a professional theme than a site that looks like it was developed by someone sitting in his apartment waiting for deposits to flood in.

Whenever a person is sending a company hundreds or thousands of dollars there needs to be a sense of trust that this money will not simply disappear. There are very few mediums to build trust on-line. The single best way to do this is with a high quality professional website design. When a visitor hits a site the first thing they see is the design. Why lose them on the first impression with clip art and a bland design? Make your site stand out among the competition and it will prevail over it with higher conversions!

So what about affiliate sites? Is it important for them to have a professional WordPress theme as well? Of course! Affiliate sites still need to build the trust of visitors so the visitors can rely on their recommendations. An affiliate website should have updated information and a modern design. Visitors should have the confidence in knowing that the recommendations weren’t made 10 years ago and may not still apply.

What are you going to do with your next site promoting video poker? Select a professional wordpress theme that will work for a casino site, design or have a designer create high quality graphics, and build that trust the visitors need to pull out their credit cards and make deposits!


Get the Popcorn Ready

video-tutorialsComing soon to a Theatre website near you! Yes, movie tutorials are coming soon to Pixel Theme Studio which will definitely give members a much better way to learn how to setup themes and perhaps learn how to create their own design. Reading content works and seeing a static screenshot helps but in many situations, it's just better to offer a visual enhancement with movie tutorials to show how something is done. You can sit back and watch it over and over while you watch and listen as I go through each step.


Should WordPress Change their HTML Editor

wp-editor-changeFor the longest time, it appears just by doing a Google search about opinions regarding the WordPress HTML editor is showing a lot of dislike for it's quality level. Many (including myself actually) are frustrated with the default editor WP has included into their content management system. There is a lot of potential for WP to develop over the coming years but the one thing they really need to place more attention to, is their html editor.


New and Different for 2011

year2011First up, I want to thank everyone for their support for Pixel Theme Studio which is helping this site to continuously grow in popularity. With feedback I receive from members (and visitors), I've been making ongoing improvements to the site and its features over the last month. With 2011 approaching, there will be a few more changes for Pixel Theme Studio which will solidfy the direction that will benefit the end-user even more. I won't go into everything I have planned quite yet but I will give some hints along with some important information that everyone should be aware of before 2011 arrives...


The Unknown Theme Change Syndrome

upgrade-theme-problemsShock, frustration, anger, and the unknown consequences of changing your website's theme for a new and different one is something that is quite common with most people. Unfortunately, everyone on the planet is not a web designer or experienced with content management systems (cms) or themes (templates) and how they really work and relate to one another. Too many times I have seen people get a surprise of their life when they change to a totally different web site theme, only to experience a very different looking web site - with things in places that shouldn't be in those places. In a perfect world, it would be nice to have everything magically go into the right positions when using a completely new and different theme or template.


Finally the New Visionary Theme

new-visionaryI know many have been asking, "are we there yet?" "is it done yet?" "how long before you release it?" Valid questions because what was supposed to have been a simple 1-week project to enhance just a few things in the Visionary theme from 2009, turned into almost 3 weeks because I kept adding more and more features to it. I can happyily say that it's finally available for download but there are a few things you should know about if you are using the older 2009 version of Visionary...


Fixing PNG image optimization for IE

png-graphicWhile designing website graphics and opting in for the PNG format, either png 8 or png 24, you might notice that everything looks fine in Firefox, Safari, Chrome, even some of the other popular browsers...with the exception of the non-compliant browser called "Internet Explorer" from a company called Microsoft. With this browser, regardless of the version, you will notice that png's look different, especially if you have an image on a background that has the same colour as your graphic, only to discover in IE that is not so.


Did you notice anything different?

new-pts-siteSomething looked different when you arrived moments ago to this web site for anyone who've been here before...A complete different design for Pixel Theme Studio along with several other changes have and will still take place between now and December 31st. One obviously is the overall look and style of the site from what it was before. This was a big change and a lot of work but so far so good...feel free to let me know what you think of the new site style...


Now you can buy Single Themes

buy-single-themesYes, you read that can now buy single themes instead of going into a membership. Back by popular demand - and the several emails I've received - the single purchase option is active once again after being removed earlier in the year. It appears not everyone wants to have a membership, but rather just get one theme and that's it...nothing more for you to do but enjoy the new theme you buy.


Top 5 Things to Help you Choose WordPress or Joomla

wordpress-vs-joomlaI know there are many articles about choosing which cms, etc, etc., but I am doing this one based on what I feel are the top 5 things to help you choose between WordPress and Joomla. Why? Because Pixel Theme Studio offers both WP and Joomla themes. Ok, there's other reasons too but to help you out, there are at least five main factors to think about.


How to Choose the Right Web Host

choosing-hostingChoosing the right web hosting service is one of the most critical decisions you can ever make when you plan to go online with your business web site. The reason why this is so important is because if your host goes down, well guess what, your business is offline! Don't forget that hosts will have fine print stating they are not responsible for any loss of business, etc, etc.

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