Free WordPress Themes vs Premium Wordpress Themes

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There are thousands of free wordpress themes available on the internet. With so many free themes available why would one opt for premium wordpress themes?

Quality of design

There are wordpress theme designer programs available that allow a user to mass produce themes. Themes created by these programs are often found on free wordpress theme directories. The graphics and design elements are limited to the options available in the software creating the themes. The themes do work but rarely contain a professional design expected by users browsing a company website.

Many premium wordpress themes are built pleasing to the eye to draw the attention of those that expect a quality design for the money they intend on spending. Custom graphics, stylesheets, and designs should be part of every professional wordpress theme. After all, who would pay for premium wordpress themes if they looked no better than free themes readily available at every corner?

Customization Options

Free wordpress themes often have no administrative options to easily customize the layout, colors, and widgets. This leaves the end user with a lot of custom coding to do. If the user doesn’t have a good knowledge of CSS and PHP chances are they will not be able to customize their website. The only other option is to hire a theme designer to make the changes to the theme. Having a designer customize a theme for a user will cost far more than a premium wordpress theme.

Premium wordpress themes should contain theme options available directly in the wordpress administrative panel. Professional wordpress themes may contain color options, site layout options, slideshow options, many widget options, and other options. These make life so much easier for a user that has little to know programming knowledge.

Tech Support

Almost all websites you find free wordpress themes on are not run by the same people who created the themes. Because of this, tech support for a theme you download is not available. Websites that sell premium wordpress themes are often run by the developers of the themes. They are able to provide the support you need when you have questions about setting up the theme or making custom changes.


1. Patrick Valmont Posted: Tuesday, 20 December 2011
Yeah I agree. Most free themes also has limited customization and sometimes no theme panel for the average user. Premium has their vast advantage because of their support and capabilities. Nice post.

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