Available Plans

Here are the subscription plans available for purchase. You will need to Register and then login to purchase a membership.


Pixel Theme Studio offers a good and competitive selection of memberships for you to choose. Please note that these memberships do NOT automatically renew but for anyone that decides to renew, you will save up to 25%. To Begin, make sure you are LOGGED IN, then choose your membership option, and then Click on the PayPal button below (must login to see it).


Pricing for memberships are in Canadian currency with your option to create or use an existing PayPal Account, or you can pay direct with your credit card. If you run into any payment issues, please contact PayPal Support. Also be aware that you are purchasing a non-tangible product/service and by proceeding, you accept the "Terms & Conditions" with the Membership FAQ's and understand that there are NO REFUNDS, so please make sure you choose the correct membership. If you run into any problems, please contact PTS right away. Thank You.


2 Months Personal Membership

Setup Pice $40.00
And Then $30 Every 2 Months