Theme and Template FAQs

Theme and Template FAQ's provides you with a quick look into common questions and other information that you may find helpful at Pixel Theme Studio.

  • How many times can I use the themes?
    WordPress themes and Joomla templates at Pixel Theme Studio are GNU/GPL licensed which means you can use them as often as you want. There are no restrictions, unlike other theme providers which do apply certain limitations.
  • Is sample content included that I saw on the demo site?
    In most cases and with most theme sites, you will get the theme itself but the actual website content is "not" included. The reason for this is because not everyone will want this, especially if you have a website with existing content, plus, most are not comfortable working with databases. WordPress doesn't make it easy either when importing sample content because it only does posts and comments, but it does not do menus and widgets that you might already have; to have this, you will need a full MySQL dump of the site and unfortunately, personal server and database details are migrated as well. This is not good for privacy and security reasons but also because not every server has the same pathways and settings, therefore you would end up with a mess.
  • Are your themes and templates easy to customize?
    Depending on the theme you choose, some may be a lot easier than others. Ultimately you should have some basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and preferably an understanding of how to use WordPress or Joomla. There will always be some customization required by most users because not everyones sites will be the same. I recommend you plan things out on paper first to get an idea of what you want to do because my themes are flexible enough to use on a variety of sites.
  • Will your themes and templates work on the latest cms versions?
    As WordPress and Joomla upgrade their versions, my themes should work for the most part, but keep in mind that sometimes the cms developers might make a core change which may or may not affect a certain function. However, for older themes, I will either redesign them or discontinue select themes to make way for new concepts.
  • Can I hire you to make me a custom template?
    This can be done and I have designed a few before, but it depends entirely on my available schedule. Keep note that a unique and custom design for yourself will start at $2500 CAD. You should also allow 4 to 6 weeks to develop a new concept  with professional and quality level of design.
  • If I purchase a "Single Theme" download instead of a membership, does this include Updates?
    Unfortunately no. There is no method to access updated files or themes without logging into the site; you will need a membership, which is why memberships have that added benefit. If you want an updated version, you will need to purchase the new one, which is still a competitive priced product, or you can sign-up with a membership and gain access to all themes and updates (and support).
  • Does your themes or templates work with all plugins, extensions, and scripts?
    This cannot be guaranteed because there are 1000's of options available. Generally you should be fine but make sure you read the minimum requirements for any plugin you download and to read their descriptions. Because these are third party products, this will be totally dependent on the developers to ensure their plugins work on WordPress or Joomla and should provide support if you need it. One thing you can do is test the plugin, extension, or script on a test development site location to see how it performs. If it does well, then you can move it to the live site...MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A FULL BACKUP OF YOUR SITE FIRST.

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aboutptsPixel Theme Studio is focused on designing professional WordPress themes and premium Joomla Templates (this site is in Joomla). The goal is to design real world concepts for individual bloggers and business owners with themes that are not bloated with scripts and code.  We create the best WordPress themes and Joomla templates possible by keeping the designs simple and clean.

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