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Pixel Theme Studio memberships offer a balance between long-term, price, and benefits. Originally there were 6 membership levels ranging from 7 days to a full year, but after a trial period of almost a year, I found that most people liked the short-term memberships with the option to renew. What is new, is a savings of up to  25% on membership renewals for both the Personal and the Personal PSD choices.

Register Before Selecting a Membership Choice

Before you can download any themes and get access to direct support, you will need to register as a new user account. Once registration is complete, you can then login and choose your membership of choice. If you already have an account, simply login and then select your membership.


Personal Membership

This membership is best suited for individuals who do not want to commit to a long-term period while still getting access to all WordPress themes and Joomla templates (including support).

   Personal membership $40    Personal membership

Personal PSD Membership

Similar to the Personal Membership, this one is ideal for anyone wanting to have the actual Photoshop source files used to create each theme. This will allow you to make customized changes to your theme.

   Personal PSD membership $70    Personal Photoshop membership

Designer PSD Membership

This is best suited for website designers who need access to both WordPress and Joomla templates, but also to the PSD source files. Perfect savings for this 6 month option which you can use for your client projects.

   designer membership $180    Designer membership

Support "Only" Membership

This is a special support membership available for anyone wanting to add support to their single theme purchase.

   support membership $10    support membership for themes

Layers Theme...

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Zen Theme...

Welcome to the peaceful ZEN Theme that offers individuals a unique style for their very own blogging website. Zen has a much softer and lighter design which is very clean and uncluttered for putting... Read more

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Evening Shade Theme...

Evening Shade is my first theme that is originally designed and developed for WordPress. The concept of Evening Shade is to give bloggers something new and something different with eye-catching visu... Read more

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The Visionary Theme...

The new Visionary theme for WordPress and Joomla is a complete redesign of the olderversion and definitely offers a large list of improvements and design enhancements while still maintaining similar... Read more

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Pixel Linear...

The new Pixel Linear theme is my next level of developing ideas with more features and more functionality. Pixel Linear is designed to give a nice clean and linear feel to your web site or blog an... Read more

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The Corporate 3 theme for WordPress 3.0 & Joomla is based on the original Corporate theme but has been completely redesigned and redeveloped to give you an even better web site experience. Thi... Read more

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Transition Theme...

The name "Transition" helps introduce a new phase in theme design and development for me and it's one that I almost decided to use for the Pixel Theme Studio website! This theme now includes a l... Read more

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Glowing Amber Pro...

Welcome to the Glowing Amber Pro theme which is based on the free version currently available at  With over 17,000 downloads since it went live, it has become a very popular... Read more

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Prestige Theme...

Prestige is a starting point for a new direction in themes and offers a few features that are part of a new concept. The Prestige theme is not for everyone but it does provide individuals a... Read more

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Persistence Theme...

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Pixel Media Blogger...

Pixel Blogger was originally designed for my own website and was used as the theme for the initial startup which I had used previously for another site. After changing to the new theme as you ... Read more

Pixel Media Blogger

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aboutptsPixel Theme Studio is focused on designing professional WordPress themes and premium Joomla Templates (this site is in Joomla). The goal is to design real world concepts for individual bloggers and business owners with themes that are not bloated with scripts and code.  We create the best WordPress themes and Joomla templates possible by keeping the designs simple and clean.

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